Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Two steps Forward, One Step Back

Saturdays at the club, there is a 3 round Swiss, G/60. Recently, what has been happening is an influx of underrated kids. If you win, you gain nothing, but if you lose, you lose a ton of rating points. My first game was against a 12 year old, who I've play the last three times. I've won all three times, but each time was a tough battle. This one included a rook sacrifice on my part. So then I hop into the next game as black against a 2158. I lost a tough battle there at the ending. After 4 straight hours of chess, I had to play the final game. I blundered a drawn position in time trouble to a 1700. So I lost 20 rating points. Eeek. Upcoming is the seven round "Texas State and Amateur Championship" over Memorial Day weekend and I have to figure a way to keep my mind fresh in the later rounds. I won't have games back to back, but I'm sure by the 4th day of chess, I will be knackered.

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