Thursday, January 12, 2006


2005 in Review

2005 was a decent year in chess. I began the year with a 1632 rating and finished with a rating of 1845. My rating peaked in April at 1904, after a run of 17.5/18. I floated down to about 1850 where I remained, plus or minus 15 points for the rest of the year.

Below are the statistics, broken down. "Full time stats" means that each player had at least 2 hours to play the game. At shorter time controls, it was easier to lose against 1600 rated players. A 1650 player isn't a slouch, but a loss will drop your rating 20+ points. So any ratings gains could be quickly evaporated by one loss to a mid-level player.

To get above 2000, it would take a lot of work, analyzing openings. Perhaps I will have the time or motivation at some point this year, but not as of right now.

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