Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Out of the Archives- My First Expert

No games this weeks, but I think one of the best milestones in chess improvement is the first time you beat an Expert and subsequently when you beat a Master, etc, but there is something about that 2000 rating that seems to divide the men from the boys. The first time I beat an Expert, was no "barely expert", but a 2126 rated virtual opening book. I played this about a year and a two months ago, right before I started blogging, so it's never been posted it on the blog.

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That certainly is one very nice game. I couldn't view the entire game though... Around move 40 something must have gone wrong with the notation. Anyway, was it due to some heavy prep? Or were you just talented enough to beat an expert with the rating you sported at that time?
Thanks a lot for letting me use your source! However, I ran into a slight problem while alternating the code. My opponent had a Knight on c3 and I killed his pond on e5+. He then moves King's Knight to defend himself. I'm having problems trying to identify which knight he will move to defend himself since the PGN viewer doesn't know which Knight to move. Any suggestions?

I had been doing general opening preparation, but nothing particular against one opponent. I had trouble finding a line versus the Sicilian, mostly due to amount of lines. I tried the Alapin (2. c3) but with little success. Then I came across the Grand Prix, which meshed well with my style. This was the first time I actually played the opening and it has been successful since.


The part of the source that actually make the moves is that part that begins "param name=movelist value= "e2e4|c7c5|b1c3|b8c6..."
So you don't need to specify which knight will move.
Expertly played and i found the notes very instructive and helpful.

Thanks for sharing.
Very nice game!
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