Thursday, March 23, 2006


Inching Up

I won the last game of the monthy tournament last night as black against a venerable Class A player. So I finished 2nd= out of 16 players, which is good because I was only seated 9th or 10th. It's a strong tournament. My calculated new rating should be 1948. It started out as the English, but turned into a Caro-Kann Panov Attack or a Queen's Gambit declined Semi-Tarrasch position. It's an interesting and common position of which to study. White has the isolated d-pawn, which is an endgame weakness, but he has attacking chances against black king. So my job is to trade and his job is to attack.

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Just 52 pts left and falling! Keep on kicking butt and taking names!!
You'll reach 2000 in no time. :)

Your opponent was doing fine and suddenly decided to selfdestruct. 19.Nxh7 is a move that I could have easily played. There is also some similarity to your previous game against 2173 where you played 20...Rxc4+ .

Often when I find myself having a good position I end up asking for too much, almost like I'd have an obligation to attack. Usually playing careful moves and waiting the opponent to make a mistake is a better "strategy".

- bahus
Bahus, Very true indeed. Sometimes you feel the need to "punish" your opponent in a Tal-like fashion. Sometimes you just slowly building your attack or take your slight advantage to the endgame. All easier said than done.

Though there's no luck in chess, but psychology is very important. I've started reading the Seven Deadly Sins of Chess by Scottish GM Jonathan Rowson. It talks about a lot of these things.
Amazing PGN Viewer! Is it all right if I copy off of your source instead? I tried step 6, but for some reason it all came our wrong. I'm a real novice when it comes to creating websites.
Kevin, sure go ahead. I had a lot of trouble too.
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