Thursday, March 16, 2006


Happy Birthday (and Victory!)

Last night's victory was dedicated to resident Pundit Emeritus, Danny, who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I sent an e-card to him in the afternoon, telling him that I would win in spectacular fashion for him, so the pressure was on! My opponent was a talented nearly class A player.

The opening was kinda funny. I started with e4, he played the Modern, I turned it into the King's Indian Defense, and then it turned into the Marorczy Bind of the Accelerated Dragon Sicilian. (The position also can arise from the symmetrical English.) See Dan, I'm playing the Accelerated Dragon! (Dan's recent advice to me after my repeated Caro-Kant failures as black has been to start playing the Accelerated Dragon...which I will look into, but it takes a while to learn a new opening.)

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Happy birthday, Danny.
Nicely played. I'm not sure what promted the pawn sacrifice on b5, but it was correctly played by you from then on :) I'm just a random chess player who was searching for pawn sacrifices, and i came across your blog entry!! The accelerated dragon can be leathal, but very tough to play against stronger opponents :) I'm more of a najdorf fan myself.. Nice game. Take care!
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