Sunday, March 05, 2006


Chess Pundit Goes Advanced!!

Thanks to help of my first chess teacher, latest Chess Pundit contributer, & family resident computer expert (Dad), I am now able to have a pgn viewer. On Saturday, I had a good day at chess at a 3 round G/60 club tournament, beating a 2124 and drawing a 2200. The below game is the win, one of my best games because I have a good attack and I see it through. Sometimes, I make a mediocre move and the attack falls apart. Coicendentally, the first 6 moves of both games are the same. (I was white twice). This game was against one of the top under-18s in the country. I played him 2.5 years ago and lost, when I just first started playing again. Back then I was experimenting with what to play against the Siclian and played the Alapin. Since then, I've settled on the Grand Prix and it has done well for me. Scroll through the game and the comments appear. I'll add a post explaining the PGN viewer for anyone who wants to try it (It took a wee while to iron out the bug.) I also updated my last post with a pgn viewer.

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Good for you :-)
hey, Christopher. I'd be interested in learning how to add the viewer to my blog. Much appreciated!
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