Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Tournament Results

I played in the Open section of a tournament this weekend. It started off good, with 1.5/2 games. My next two games were long tough battles, which I lost. I was happy to finally get white again in the fifth game, but with little break from the morning game, my mind was absent and a made a blunder without thinking about the move. I'll post the games when I have time.

Game 1
Draw versus 2100 as black
Game 2
Win versus 2015 as white
Game 3
Tough loss versus 2105 as black
Game 4
Tough loss versus 2155 as black
Game 5
Embarassing loss versus 2000 as white.

At least you know you're playing right around Expert level chess. That's something to be proud of, Christopher.
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Still a good result against stiff competition. I look forward to seeing the games.
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