Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Going to the Chapel

'll be absent for a couple of weeks. I'm getting married on Saturday. In the run-up the wedding, I've been awfully busy, so my free time to chess blog, has diminished.

I hope to be back in full force in a few weeks. I certainly have some games to be catching up on.

The excuses some people invent:)
Welcome to the fraternity. As they say, marriage is an institution...

(Just kidding!)

Congratulations! Going anywhere for a honeymoon?
I'm now a married man.

Got back from the honeymoon! We went to Grand Cayman. It was gorgeous (but expensive).

Now it's time to stop spending money for a wee while. (Chess is free)
Congratulations! My wife's cousin when there for their honeymoon, too.

Our honeymoon consisted of the honeymoon package at a local hotel (but, hey, it was a nice hotel). :)

We have yet to take that official honeymoon, even though 11.5 years have passed.
Ok, three words that will help you a lot in your new relationship: yes, no, and dear

Yes, Dear

No, Dear

Here's my top 10 things to send the wife off the deep end:

10. 30 seconds, roll, snooze
9. Leave the lid on the toilet up
8. Forget the anniversary
7. Forget her birthday
6. Get into road rage incidents
5. "Meatloaf, again?!"
4. Fake sleeping at night, forcing the wife to deal with the kids
3. Saying "yes, that dress does make your butt look fat."
2. Talk to her about old girlfriends or meet up with them at reunion events.

and, my number 1 pick

"Hey, why don't you get off your lazy butt, get in the kitchen, and fix me some supper? Oh, and get me a beer while your at it!!!"
And don't learn your wife chess because you'll eat pizza every day.
Thanks for the laughes.

So far it's "Leaving the cupboard doors open", but I've managed to, for now, win the toliet seat battle. When I had gone her place she would make me put it down, but then I'd insited on her pulling it up at my place. So she sorta gave up.

She's gotten in to the computer game, "The Sims 2" so that keeps her busy.
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Hey! Im from chessgames! Good luck in the future and Congrats!
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