Sunday, May 22, 2005


M-tel Masters-Updated

Just finishing in Sofia, Bulgaria, a super-GM tournament. The big catch is that draw agreements are not allowed, removing the tendancy of GMs to draw after 20 moves. I did well with my predictions! I figured of the top 3 playing (Topalov, Anand, & Kramnik) that the early draw happy Kramnik would have some psychological difficulties.

Final Score out of 10 games (ties breaks are included in placing):
1: Topalov 6.5
2: Anand 5.5
3: Polgar 5
4: Ponomariov 5.0
5: Kramnik 4.0
6: Adams 4.0

My pre-tournament predictions:
1: Topalov (home field advantage)
2: Polgar (she's a risk taker)
3: Anand (how could he finish less than third?)
4: Adams (typical Adams finish)
5: Kramnik (he'll be uncomfortable playing on in certain positions)
6: Ponomariov (who is he going to beat?)

You weren't too far off. How about that Ponomariov?! He was a schocker!
Well, it's not over yet, but Pono has been a bit of a surprise for me, but perhaps I shouldn't have been so cynical towards him.

I hear he is a decent guy and a bit of a risk taker at the board.
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