Thursday, March 03, 2005


Linares - Round 8

Kasparov had an interesting attack against Leko, but it fizzled out and the game drew. Adams also drew Topalov and Vallejo beat Kasim...something others with higher ratings failed to do.

I will be occupied with a tournament this weekend. I'll be spending the next two days preparing.

Here are the predictions.

Rd9 Kasimdzhanov-Kasparov 1/2 Leko-Adams 1/2 Topalov-Anand 1/2
Rd10 Anand-Leko 1/2 Adams-Kasimdzhanov 1/2 Kasparov-Vallejo 1-0
Rd11 Vallejo-Adams 1/2 Kasimdzhanov-Anand 1/2 Leko-Topalov 1-0

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