Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Linares - Final -& Kasparov Retires

The shocking news is that Gary Kasparov, world #1 has decided to retire. It has come as a shock to the chess world as Gary is playing some of his best chess. His retirement will leave a void in the chess world as to who the best player is.

In the final round Gary lost to Topalov blundering away the draw, Adams beat Anand with black, and Leko drew. Leko drew all of his games.

Final vs Predicted
1. Kasparov 8 vs 8
2. Topalov 8 vs 6.5
3. Anand 6.5 vs 7.5
4. Leko 6 vs 7
5. Adams 5.5 vs 6
6. Kasimdzhanov 4 vs 4
7. Vallejo Pons 4 vs 3

My round by round predictions were 21/38. There were 26 draws in all fourteen rounds, a 63% ratio.

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