Monday, February 21, 2005


Plugging US Chess Live and the death toll of Yahoo Chess

Although Yahoo Chess was once an easy way to play a game, I've since grown frustrated with it. I think any decent players have left. All there is, are people playing 1/0 games with a program, and people who set up a game and disappear. It's frustrating to join a game, press start, and never have the opponent start...time after time after time. I've since moved to US Chess Live which has been created by the US Chess Federation.

You have to be a member to have access, so it's not necessarily for the occasional player. They have nightly blitz tournaments, and when you seek a game people are joining with seconds. For additional money (of course), you can get in on instructional seminars or play certain masters. Although I haven't done the latter yet, I am generally pleased with the site and will not go back to Yahoo.

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