Friday, February 25, 2005


Linares - Day 3

So I went 3 for 3 with my predicitions for this round.

Kasim vs Adams was an uneventful 27 move draw.

Leko vs Anand was 24 move draw, but that ended with Anand sacrificing for a perpetual check draw. I think Anand was happy to grab the draw as black.

Vallejo was taken to school by Kasparov. Essentially Kasparov has a slight positional advantage and a 40 minute time advantage. Then Vallejo played 27. Ra5? in time pressure.


Kasparov and Anand lead with +1.

Round 4 Predictions

Adams-Vallejo 1/2 - Adams will be out of his shell and attack. However, he won't have enough.
Anand-Kasimdzhanov 1-0 - Anand is on a roll.
Topalov-Leko 1/2 - Topalov is still liking his wounds from Anand. Short draw

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