Monday, February 14, 2005


Introduction to the Web's Newest Pundit

Despite any misgivings in your life or the world, there is welcome respite in chess. Chess is played by the young and old. Chess is played all across world. Whether you are Russian, Chinese, Kuwaiti, French, Scotch, or American, people can come together to enjoy a good game. You don’t even need to speak the same language.

I will devote this column to grandmaster games, the world of chess, and my games and learning progression. The Wijk an Zee tournament in the Netherlands just finished. It starred the top 2-9 players in the world, where the only exception was Garry Kasparov would thought he was going to play a match with Rustam Kasimdzhanov. Peter Leko ended up edging out Vishy Anand for first place with 8.5/13.

The next big tournament, Linares, starts on February 22nd, 2005. It will star Gary Kasparov, Vesselin Topalov, Peter Leko, Vishy Anand, and Michael Adams, which is the top 3 players and 5 of the top 7 players in the world.

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